Shell opens ‘HRS Amsterdam-Westpoort’ as part of H2Benelux

Today (5 October 2021) Shell opened its hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) in Amsterdam-Westpoort, at Galwin 6 with a local event. The station is part of the H2Benelux project, which will establish 8 public HRS along the core network of the trans-European transport corridors in the Benelux.

General Manager Mobility BeNeLux and France at Shell, Jeanine Bakx, officially opened the station with a first refuelling. Hydrogen can play a key role in the Dutch energy transition as well as in the field of mobility. The hydrogen station in Amsterdam Westpoort, is key in the roll out of a hydrogen refuelling network in The Netherlands. "To be able to comfortably drive a hydrogen car, our customers need even more filling stations. We are working on this, together with our partners of the H2Benelux consortium and other colleagues in the sector,” said Jeanine Bakx. Adwin Martens, Managing Director of WaterstofNet, and coordinator of H2Benelux, congratulated Shell with this important realisation, being the 2nd out of 8 hydrogen refuelling stations to be realised within H2Benelux. “H2Benelux, funded within the European CEF-programma, is a very strategic project, as it supports 3 member states in installing 8 HRS on very strategic places, in order to facilitate driving on hydrogen," said Adwin Martens.

Shell is responsible for two stations in the Netherlands within the H2Benelux consortium. Last year Shell already opened its first ‘HRS Den Ruygenhoek’, at the A4 highway near Schiphol in the Netherlands. In addition the hydrogen station at Shell Westpoort in Amsterdam was built and opened today. The stations can fill hydrogen-powered cars (fuel cell electric vehicles or FCEVs) within 5 minutes at 700 bar pressure.

Hydrogen is seen as an important fuel to achieve our climate goals. For mobility, most hydrogen is now used in passenger transport. The HRS are developed to stimulate the application of hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel in mobility. Shell is thus taking a first step towards breaking the chicken and egg deadlock. It is the plan is to get green hydrogen for the stations from the large-scale electrolysers that Shell has planned in Emmen and Rotterdam.

Furthermore, a third hydrogen refuelling station in the Netherlands is being built at Shell dealer Green Planet in Pesse (Drenthe). This is being realised by the TSO 2020 project organisation, of which Green Planet is one of the partners. The ‘HRS Pesse’ will be opened tomorrow.

The HRS Amsterdam-Westpoort is co-funded by Connecting Europe Facility of the European Commission and DKTI-Transport. 

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