H2Benelux final event: 23 November at the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels

Registration is open for the final event H2Benelux: creating interconnected ‘hydrogen highways’ in the Benelux by developing 8 hydrogen refuelling stations along the European TEN-T corridors

Event description 
Imaging driving a hydrogen car in 2018. It was only possible to refuel at 3 locations in the Benelux: Rhoon (NL), Helmond (NL) and Zaventem (BE). A consortium consisting of Colruyt Group, TotalEnergies, Shell, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management – Rijkswaterstaat and WaterstofNet wanted to change that situation by significantly expanding the hydrogen refuelling station network in the Benelux by adding 4 stations in the Netherlands, 3 in Belgium and 1 in Luxemboug. The H2Benelux project, co-funded by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), was established to enable cross-border travels with hydrogen cars. Besides the development of hydrogen refuelling stations, the project also facilitates real life trials of hydrogen cars and looks forward to the future development of infrastructure in the Benelux.

Do you want to know more about all the details of establishing and operating hydrogen refuelling stations in the Benelux countries? Are you interested in our lesson learned and recommendations? Are you keen on learning more about the real life trials of hydrogen cars? The H2Benelux consortium will present details about H2Benelux project to you at the European Hydrogen Week, so if you are eager to lean more, please register for the event below.

Time & Location
Thursday 23 November 2023
14.00 – 17.00
Brussels Expo, Belgiëplein 1, Brussels
European Hydrogen Week Side Event
Hall 11, 2nd floor, Room 1124



To access the event you need to register 2 times:

1. Free registration to access the European Hydrogen Week : https://euhydrogenweek.eu/registration/ 
2. Free registration for the H2Benelux final event: https://www.waterstofnet.eu/nl/events/euh2week-side-event-final-conference-h2benelux-creating-interconnected-hydrogen-highways-in-the-benelux-by-developing-8-hydrogen-refuelling-stations-along-the-european-ten-t-corridors